Albuquerque Station Spikes Story Involving Advertiser

It appears that KRQE's sales department, did not like the fact that the news department was about to do a negative story on a station advertiser. 

Give you one guess as to what happened to the story? 

It never aired....imagine that?

Word is that a KRQE Reporter was sent to cover a about a military veteran’s group. The reporter learned that the members of the group were having trouble paying their rising rent costs, which are administered by a major Albuquerque auto dealer who often advertises on local television, including KRQE.

The reporter returned to the station only to be taken off the story and it never aired. 

A short time later, a memo went out tho the staff from News Director Iain Munro:

“If you are doing a story that may involve a client, that is good or bad, I need to be notified before any calls are made on the story,” Munro’s memo read. “No exceptions.”

Are news crews now going to be sent out with a list of advertisers for the station? It always sucks when the sales department starts running the news department, but we can assure you, this isn't only happening at KRQE. 

But, It appears that KRQE is the latest to dive head first down the slippery slope. 

H/T NM Political Report