Bus Boy Thrilled By Wendy Bell's Compliment

One of the subjects in former WTAE Anchor Wendy Bell's Facebook post that got her fired, is coming to her defense. 

In Bell's Facebook post that got her fired from the station, she wrote about the teen at the restaurant where she and her doctor husband ate. Bell wrote:

"A young, African American teen hustling like nobody's business at a restaurant we took the boys to over at the Southside Works. This child stacked heavy glass glasses 10 high and carried three teetering towers of them in one hand with plates piled high in the other. He wiped off the tables. Tended to the chairs. Got down on his hands and knees to pick up the scraps that had fallen to the floor. And he did all this with a rhythm and a step that gushed positivity. He moved like a dancer with a satisfied smile on his face. And I couldn't take my eyes off him. He's going to Make It."

The "teen" is actually 23 years old and his name is Brandon Walker. Walker says he was happy that Bell noticed him and took time out to compliment him to his manager. “She actually took the time to notice that I was trying hard, and I appreciate that. That’s what I learned about Wendy. I feel like she notices things that other people might not take the time to,” Walker told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Many thought that Bell talking about the black busboy with "rhythm and a step" was racist. Walker does not see it that way. “I went home and put up a post and said how great it felt to be noticed on Facebook,” he said.

“I love Brandon,” Ms. Bell said, tearing up, when she was reached by phone Friday. “ ... I hope I haven’t made his life difficult. He deserves a wonderful, wonderful life.”

Walker said he thought her Facebook post was well-intentioned, though he understands why people may have been upset by it.

“I’ve seen racism firsthand — and that’s not Wendy Bell,” he said.

The African American teenager that former WTAE Anchor Wendy Bell praised in a Pittsburgh area , says he was thrilled with Bell's compliment.

Supporters of Bell says this proves she is not a racist and should have never been fired. Of course this isn't the only thing Bell said in her post. She also said the killers in a local mass shooting, "are young black men, likely teens or in their early 20s. They have multiple siblings from multiple fathers and their mothers work multiple jobs."

Police have not gave any description of the suspects.

Bell lost her job after the post and a number of supporters have claimed that they are now boycotting the Hearst station that fired her.

After her firing, Bell basically said that the station told her to apologize and that she felt she did nothing wrong.