Gee...No one Saw This Coming

From the moment Megyn Kelly swallowed her pride, walked into Trump Tower to grovel with Donald Trump, all in the name of ratings, everyone knew what was coming next.

Fox News announced that Megyn Kelly will conduct her first sit-down interview with Trump since the August 2015 presidential debate.

The interview will take place in New York and air on the upcoming Fox special “MEGYN KELLY presents.”

Of course Fox News will soak this interview for everything that it's worth and you will see clip after clip on Kelly's FNC show and other shows across the Fox News Schedule. 

CNN Media Critic Brian Stelter, thinks that this single interview could launch Kelly as the next Barbara Walters. 

It should be pointed out that Barbra Walters was known for landing interviews with people hesitant to talk to the press. Donald Trump will talk to anyone with a camera. 

What more can we hear about Trump that we don't already or want to know? 

A single interview with a blowhard does not make you the next Barbara Walters, anymore than you being a Reporter, just because it says so on your Twitter bio. 

Just saying....