Former Left Coast Anchor will get Jail Time

A week ago, FTVLive told you that the criminal DUI case against former Santa Barbara television news anchor Paula Lopez  has been delayed yet again.

Lopez, a former KEYT and KCOY television news anchor, was arrested Sept. 8 in a parking lot and charged with six misdemeanors, including driving under the influence; driving with a blood-alcohol content over .15; resisting, obstructing or delaying a peace officer; and two counts of battery on a peace officer.

Well a plea deal has been worked out, but it won't spare Lopez from going to jail. 

According to the plea deal, she will plead no contest to driving under the influence and the special allegation of refusing a chemical test, delaying a peace officer and battery on a peace officer.

Lopez will be sentenced July 22 to 120 days in jail and a three-year probation term, with conditions including no alcohol use and attending three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings weekly, said Megan Chanda of the District Attorney’s Office.

A portion of the jail term may be suspended, Chanda said.

Probation terms also include finishing the nine-month DUI school, continuing her therapy, taking the anti-alcohol drug Antabuse for three years, and not using any alcohol.

Driving-related rules are in place, such as not driving with a suspended license or driving with any measurable alcohol in her system, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Chanda didn’t know if Lopez’ license was suspended after the arrest, saying it was a Department of Motor Vehicles issue.

If probation terms are violated, Lopez could serve up to three years in the County Jail.