CNN Media Critic Says that Ripa was Mistreated Because of Her Gender

CNN Media Critic Brian Stelter hates when you call him a "Media Critic", he likes to think of himself has a Media Reporter. 

And he gets his panties in a bunch every time someone calls him a "media critic":

But, he also likes to give his opinion on just about everything, plays longtime favorites and will not even "report" on some of the biggest blunders by his own network. 

Doesn't sound much like a reporter at all. 

Stelter has been saying from the git-go that the ABC bosses mismanaged the Kelly Ripa situation. He says that TV management main job to to manage talent and that ABC screwed up. Spoken by a true guy that has never been in TV management. 

But, after reading someone else's story about how Ripa was mistreated by her bosses, because they are men and she is a women. Stelter decided to parrot that theory on CNN's Reliable Sources.

This is what Stelter had to say:

STELTER: Now, you might just say this is a squabble between a bunch of multimillionaires, but you also might view it this way, as a case of another female television star being mismanaged by mostly male executives…I wonder if you think there’s a gender dynamic at play here. I sure think there is….

STELTER: Now, listen, maybe she was very, very angry, but would she have been covered this way if she were a man? And, frankly, would she have been treated this way by ABC if she were a man?

As The Cable Game correctly points out, this is an awful lot of opinion for a guy that wants to be called a Reporter.  

And where was Stelter when CNN demoted Kate Bolduan while she was on maternity leave? Stelter didn't touch that story. He's looking for a case of sexism, trying to add it to the Ripa story, yet when sexism happens at his own network, he goes silent. 

If you want to be considered a "Reporter" Brian you have to actually do some Reporting. You are not a Reporter, just because your Twitter bio says you are.