15 Staffers Out the Door in Atlanta

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On Friday, WXIA in Atlanta pushed out 15 longtime employees as part of the Tegna buyouts. 

The station lost a number of on air staffers and more behind the scenes employees. 

Thursday night the station threw a party "celebrating" the "retirements." There were no speeches and as one staffer said, "if you didn't know any better you would assume it was just a station party with free (decent) food and drinks."

On Friday, there were two goodbyes for those leaving. There was a morning goodbye to some of the staff and an afternoon goodbye to more of the staff leaving, not sure about the morning goodbye, but sources tell FTVLive that the GM was MIA for the afternoon goodbye.  

Insiders tell FTVLive that since the early retirement packages were offered in February there has been little communication between upper management and employees. There were a couple meetings weeks ago where the News Director did discuss what is next for 11alive.  

"During these last two days full of goodbyes, tears and an overwhelming newsroom full of sadness we did spot news managers bringing In a couple of candidates and interviewing them," said one insider to FTVLive.

Now the station is short staffed, lost a tone of experience and the May book is just getting ready to start. 

None of the workers at the Tegna stations can figure out why all this was done at the end of April instead of the ned of May.