KPRC Flood Had Repercussions Elsewhere as Well

When Mother Nature dumped a whole lot of rain in Houston, it affected TV stations thousand of miles away. 

FTVLive told you that KPRC was knocked off the air, when the station lost power and was not able to switch to a back of generator. 

Surely, this was a pain in the neck for KPRC news staffers trying to cover the story. But, the power outage had a bigger impact than just on KPRC. 

Sources tell FTVLive that KPRC's power lossaffected ALL the Graham Media (KPRC owner) properties.

Word is that Graham Media's Windows networks & company e-mail servers are based in Houston. 

Staffers at other Graham stations had big problems as they logged onto computers to try and do their work.  Using the Windows network, every time a user logs on, the computer sends a request to a "domain controller".  When the server doesn't respond, the computers might be able to operate in a limited fashion and will not be able to access company network resources.

For some reason, Graham decided to base the network at KPRC in Houston and when it went down, the whole group was screwed. 

When it comes to TV news, Mother Nature doesn't give a crap.