KC Station Hires Traffic Reporter's Doppelgänger

Yesterday, FTVLive told you about KSHB Traffic Reporter Kacie McDonnell and her sultry sexy video.

After FTVLive posted the story, McDonnell pulled the story and then blocked FTVLive from her twitter account (oh no!).

McDonnell, who appears to be a professional when it comes to dating professional athletes, emailed FTVLive and was not happy with out coverage of her and her sexy music video which she neither sings nor dances in. 

Sources now tell FTVLive that KSHB has hired McDonnell's doppelgänger Belinda Post from WTVQ in Lexington. 

Post will be a Reporter at the station. 

Here is a picture of Post and McDonnell, see if you can tell the difference as to who's who? 

Here's a hint, Post is the one with beauty and BRAINS. 

By the way, Belinda Post is on Twitter, she follows FTVLive and she doesn't block us. If you would like to follow Belinda (like we are) you can visit her Twitter page right here.