Yesterday, FTVLive ran a story about WPEC in West Palm Beach, who appeared to spike a 2010 story about bad conditions at the Palm Beach Zoo.

The story stated that the station is owned by Sinclair, which it is. But, Sinclair did not own the station in 2010, when the story was produced. 

We have made the changes to the original story to take out any misunderstanding. 

As to the story of the Zoo-handler's attack, WPEC released this statement:  

“The fatal attack by a tiger on Stacey Konwiser was tragic, and we have dedicated significant resources in our newsroom to get answers both for her family and our community. Sinclair Broadcast Group did not own or operate WPEC on the dates when this story would have been produced. As such, we cannot speak to any of the claims or assertions made about why the story did not air."