Back in February, FTVLive told you that the Fox O&O's (AKA The Firm) were looking to implement a program to try and get viewers to shoot their news stories.

Fox is pushing viewers to the app Fresco News. The app let's users download it and be contacted to the station's Assignment Desk. The desk can send out the location of breaking news and viewers can then in turn, go to the location, shoot video and upload it straight to the station. 

The station can then decide if the want to buy the video or not. 

Fox is putting a lot of eggs in the Fresco basket.

But, now FTVLive hears that NBC might be looking to buy Fresco right out from under Fox's feet.  

NBC previously acquired Stringwire, which was also user generated video, but it failed to turn it into anything.

Fresco might be the answer to NBC's problems and a big thorn in the side for Fox.

Stay tuned....