Out the Door in Buffalo

WIVB Traffic and Feature Reporter Lauren Hall is leaving the station, but she isn't going far. 

Hall will become a PR Reporter for the family that owns the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. 

Hall is leaving the station after the May “sweeps” to join Pegula Sports and Entertainment.  Her new title will be off-field, off-ice multimedia journalist. In that role, she will do features highlighting the Bills’ and Sabres’ community involvement for BuffaloBills.com and Sabres.com.

“It was just a really exciting opportunity that presented itself to me to work in sports and promote things that are happening in our community that people are so excited about and I really couldn’t say no,” Hall said.

“They’re doing so much to promote not just their teams but this community and that’s what I care about the most,” she said.

WIVB News Director Scott Levy could not be reached to comment, but Hall’s colleagues sent well wishes after she shared the news on social media.

“We will miss you immensely! But what fun you’ll get to have!” News 4 Wake Up anchor Jordan Williams tweeted.

H/T Buffalo News