Twin Cities Station Losing Staff to Tenga Buyouts

Sources tell FTVLive that KARE in Minneapolis is losing a number of talented staffers as Tenga stations desperately try and trim their staff.

FTVLive was the FIRSt to tell you that Tenga stations began offering "buyouts" to longtime employees as they tried to dump higher salaries and and trim staff. 

Word is that a number of staffers at KARE have taken the buyout offer. 

Our source says that the station is losing an anchor (Diana Pierce), one of their best reporters (Allen Costantini, pictured), 3 floor directors, their chief editor, a photographer, and a couple behind the scenes people.

10 staffers in all are taking the buyout. As one KARE insider said to FTVLive, "That's a massive talent drain."

But it's not about talent, it's about saving money.