Megyn Kelly Talks About Trump Meeting

Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly says that she requested a meeting with Donald Trump and that Trump "was gracious enough to agree to it."

Kelly says that she went to Trump Tower to meet with the man that called her ugly, crazy, unfair, unprofessional, menstruating and a number of other things. 

Kelly says she met with Trump to "clear the air."

You would have thought, after all Trump said about Kelly, she would have waited for him to call and not call not the other way around. But, this is about ratings and Kelly wants an interview with Trump and it appears that she is willing to put her pride aside to get it. 

One cable news executive told FTVLive that, "Kelly caved all in the name of ratings."

A longtime Fox viewer that adores Kelly said that she lost a lot of respect for the FNC host, "This is like a verbally abused woman still trying to seek the approval of the abuser," she told FTVLive.  

Here is her addressing her Trump meeting on last night's show: