Troubled Fox Station Hires A New ND

Charlotte's beleaguered Fox O&O has hired a new ND, and they have a colorful history, too.

WJZY hired Tina Luque, most recently with WTKR in Norfolk. Back in October 2015, FTVLive was the first to report Luque-Blacklocke was canned.

Then, in February of this year, FTVLive reported that Luque-Blacklocke went off the rails and started an 'F-bomb' rant on twitter, when WVEC ran a weather crawl during programming she was trying to watch. After our story, she deleted the tweets.

Apparently, Luque-Blacklocke is just the type of ND Fox thinks it needs for its struggling station. She's replacing Karen Koutsky, who was fired in January after just one year on the job.

Anyone want to start a bet on how long this lasts? What a business.