It's Just a Few Days

Of all the jobs I have had in TV News, this one is the one I like the most.

I have held a number of jobs in News, Photographer, Reporter, Producer, EP Assignment Editor, News Director and a few others.

The best job of all of those was Photographer. I never knew what was going to happen that day and I got to record history. 

But, my favorite job has been this one.

I love FTVLive and I love telling the good stories and exposing the bad of TV news. 

If there is one downfall to this job, it's the hours. I'm up between 3:45-4:30AM and often times at 7 or 8 at night I'm still doing work. 

15 or 16 hour days drain you.

So, I am going to take a few days to recharge the batteries a bit. 

I'm plan to take a few days off, maybe two possibly 3 or 4.

My goal is to go off the grid and just get away from my computer, iPad, iPhone and anything else that you have to plug in and charge. 

The FTVLive Intern is going to post a few updates, but, for the most part, FTVLive will be dormant for a few days. 

I hate to do it, but sometimes you just have to take a break. I will not be shocked if I jump on my laptop and post a story here or there. I'm going to try hard and not do that, but it might just be too hard to stay away. 

Before you know it, I'll be back bringing you the best news coverage of TV news. 

As I said, I love what i do.