Comcast to Take Away Channels from Florida Customers

In a letter, Comcast has told some of their customers in Florida that they will start taking away some channels Today.

Here's the kicker....they won't tell them which channels they will be losing.

Apparently, Comcast by accident was giving some of its customers channels that they should have not gotten without paying for them .

The cable giant sent a letter to some Florida customers that they will soon be losing channels they weren’t supposed to get, but isn’t telling them which ones.

The company says that a routine review of some Florida subscribers, they noticed that customers were getting channels that weren’t supposed to be included in their subscriptions.

So they began sending out letters to affected subscribers to let them know that they won’t be enjoying as many programming options going forward.

Comcast will start taking the channels away today, but it says it will not charge subscribers for the channels they were not supposed to get.

How nice of them.