Former Reporter Pleads Guilty to Stalking

A former San Antonio television reporter pleaded guilty  to a federal stalking charge.

Gabriel Robert Caggiano, a former reporter at the WOAI (Then known as KMOL) entered the guilty plea after spending four months in jail in connection with the harassment of the San Antonio television news manager and his wife. 

FTVLive told you have in November that Caggiano was accused of stalking San Antonio television news manager Hollis Grizzard and his wife Marise McDermott. Grizzard fired Caggiano from his job at a Corpus Christi TV station in 2008.

In November, the judge revoked his bail after allegations surfaced that Caggiano threatened or harassed others and got kicked out of a substance-abuse treatment center after fondling himself in front of other people, including a child.

Caggiano used phone calls, voice mails, text messages, and social media to terrorize Hollis Grizzard and his wife, Marise McDermott, the Witte’s CEO, after Caggiano’s termination in 2008 from KZTV in Corpus Christi, where Grizzard supervised Caggiano.

Court records said Caggiano repeatedly threatened to physically harm the couple and to send letters aimed at destroying McDermott’s reputation.

Caggiano told U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez that Caggiano’s father, a lawyer, advised him to plead guilty. Caggiano faces up to five years in prison when Rodriguez sentences him July 13.

H/T San Antonio Express News