Cops Bust Idiots Trying to Sell Stolen Emmy

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Police busted a few idiots that were trying to sell an Emmy on Craigslist. 

Olympia police say they recovered a stolen Emmy statue after it was reportedly stolen from a downtown Olympia storage unit.

The victim had won the award after creating a documentary film, and placed the statue in storage (which is where all Emmys should go). The victim noticed the storage unit had been broken into, and that several items had been taken.

He reported the theft to police, then went on Craigslist to search for the stolen statue. He found one for sale in Thurston County and notified detectives.

Detectives contacted the seller, and arranged to purchase the Emmy in Lacey, Lower said. Three people arrived in a car, and the statue was sitting on the front seat. The nameplate had been removed.

“Clearly the people who had this Emmy didn’t win it,” Lower said. “And their stories about how they got it was questionable at best. They all told us something different.”

One of the people was arrested on an outstanding felony warrant, and detectives interviewed the other two. Lower said that charges have been referred to the Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office — but he was unsure whether the suspects will be arrested.

“Because the name had been removed from the award and there was no other identifying information, it’s hard to prove who it belonged to,” Lower said. “But because of the proximity, we’re pretty sure this is the same one.”

He said the Emmy is at Olympia Police Department headquarters pending completion of the investigation.

So, for all you TV people without an Emmy (there has to be one or two of you) it appears that you can now buy one on Craigslist.

Which we bet will be a lot cheaper that the Emmy fee you have to pay. 

Just saying.... 

H/T The Olympian