We Told You....

FTVLive hates to say we told you so (Bullshit we love saying that), back on Feb. 3rd, FTVLive FIRST reported that Tribune was looking to start up a newscast at their DC station, but that it would be produced miles away in Richmond, VA.

FTVLive told you that Tribune had been quietly listing jobs for the DC newscast, but listing them under their Richmond station WTVR. 

At the time, FTVLive wrote, " Tribune does own WDCW in DC, but the station does not produce a newscast. But, sources tell FTVLive that is soon changing."

While the others wait for the press release, FTVLive breaks the news FIRST and we do so again here.

Today, Tribune owned WDCW in DC announced that they were starting up a new newscast and that it would be produced out of Richmond. 

“Tribune Media has a long and deep-rooted history of being at the forefront of excellence in broadcast news coverage, ” said Vince Giannini, GM of WDCW. 

While you will see this story on other blogs and newspapers the next day or so, FTVLive readers knew the news more than a month ago.

Just kicking ass and taking names..... it's what we do.