AT&T vs Univision

There's nothing new about companies fighting over retrans fee and carriage, but just like a good GOP debate, one company is being accused of discrimination.

AT&T is the nation's largest pay-TV provider and Univision is this country's largest Spanish language media company. AT&T says Univision wants an outrageous price increase for carriage on its U-Verse system. Univision says it just wants what English language stations get and fired back that AT&T is 'redlining' their audience.

It could be that Univision is also upset because AT&T dropped their signals just days before a scheduled Democratic debate and renewed talks of an IPO (Univision is a privately held company).

Regardless of what happens between the two companies, one thing is for certain: the customer is going to get screwed one way or another.

h/t The Los Angeles Times