George Stephanopoulos is Not Biased, says George Stephanopoulos' Boss

George Stephanopoulos spent years working for the Clinton administration. He gave the Clinton's thousands of dollars in "charitable" donations. But Stephanopoulos is not biased towards the left.

How do we know that?

Because, his boss Bob Iger says so.

OK then.

"I assure you, if we felt George was not presenting it fairly or were bias, he would not be on our air," Iger said of George Stephanopoulos. "It's something we take very, very seriously, and we monitor closely."

Iger defended ABC News and one of its anchors, former Democratic party advisor George Stephanopoulos, against charges of liberal bias when pressed to do so Thursday by a shareholder who works for a conservative advocacy group.

"Are we perfect? No. But I believe the overall presentation of ABC News, the reputation of ABC News, is one that we are and will continue to be proud of," Iger told the shareholder.

"We're well aware of the George Stephanopoulos situation. I watch George often. George is a person of integrity ... we believe that George is presenting to his public a fair and unbiased look at news," he said.

Iger said he saw the anchor interview the various presidential candidates and he was satisfied the interviews were fair.

So it's now settled, George Stephanopoulos is not biased. 


H/T Hollywood Reporter