Couric Continues to Ride it Out at Yahoo

While Yahoo has sacked almost 2,000 staffers, their $10 million dollar a year Global Anchor remains employed.

Katie Couric says that she is sticking with Yahoo. But the biggest problem seems to be for visitors trying to find Couric's content. 

“It’s become a distribution issue,” a Yahoo executive said. “Katie’s stuff does well for the company, but it’s been a haphazard effort when it comes down to framing it.”

“Our team at Yahoo News has been doing some beautifully produced, high quality pieces," says Couric.

The digital world "continues to evolve and I like being in the news space, and the tremendous flexibility Yahoo gives me to develop scripted and unscripted projects on other platforms,” she says. “We have an incredible team of people, who have been working their asses off in this period of uncertainty and I'm so proud of each and every one of them. I also feel that with this experience (at Yahoo) I have a better understanding of how a variety of online platforms work, and I'm still learning all the time."

Couric’s video content has generated more than 250 million views, as of 2015. Her work has been seen, on average, more than any other videos on Yahoo News.

When it comes to politics alone, she’s actually generated numbers cable channels would kill for. Couric’s interviews with 2016 presidential contenders alone have amassed more 15 million video streams.

The newswoman has also drawn heavy-hitting sponsors like H&R Block and Merrill Lynch — companies that generally would not be expected to go with Yahoo as an advertising platform.

Even so, Yahoo’s poor content distribution plan has buried Couric’s work behind layers of links. That failure goes along with the collapse of many of Yahoo’s other ambitions.

But as long as the checks don't bounce, it appears that Couric is sticking with the company. 

H/T NY Daily News