White Out at CNN's Town Hall

CNN is all giddy with their record ratings for their GOP Town Hall in Milwaukee.

The ratings from Nielsen, say that CNN's Town Hall averaged 3.263 million viewers from 8 to 11 p.m. It beat both Fox News and MSNBC combined. 

But, one question you might want to ask yourself, is there not one African American in Milwaukee? The census shows that Milwaukee has a 40% black population, yet in a 3 hour CNN Town Hall we never saw a single one. 

Almsot 30 questions were asked in the CNN Town Hall, every single question came from a white person.

Did no one at CNN find this a little disturbing? 

Just for the sake of looking a bit inclusive, couldn't CNN have included just one black person? Even if it was just one to stand in the wide shot. I've been to Milwaukee, I've seen black people, I know they are there. 

Who is to blame for something like this to happen? Was it CNN or the GOP? 

Just asking.....