MSNBC's Chris Matthews Got Donald Trump to Answer a Question

Props to MSNBC's Chris Matthews who got Donald Trump to actually answer a question. Matthews hosted Trump in a town hall and when topic turned to abortion and women's rights, Matthews dug in.

Matthews wanted to know if Women that have abortions should be punished?

Trump tried to dance around the issue and turn it back on Matthews, but Matthews stayed on Trump and got Trump to admit that he felt women should be punished. 

But after that, Trump went into full defense and still would not answer the follow up. But, this maybe be some of the best questioning of Trump yet this election season.

You can say Matthews is a left winger and that is why he went so hard on Trump, but he asked the questions that should be asked, he got more out of Trump than most Journalists have and good for him. 

Let's hope other Journalists will start doing the same thing to Trump, Clinton, Cruz and the other candidates.

FTVLive has called out Matthews numerous times in the past, but this time we call him out for doing a good job. 

Let's go to the abortion question and watch the exchange.