Scripps Station Reporter Arrested For Assaulting Cop

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The last time FTVLive talked about Scripps owned KJRH in Tulsa, it was regarding their anything but fair Assistant News Director Tami Marler. 

Former beauty queen  Marler was blasting the President for his lefty ways and praising the right. 

Well now KJRH has bigger problems on their hands. 

Reporter Gitzel Puente, who has been with the station a little less than a year was early yesterday morning and charged with a number of offenses. 

It appears that it started with Puente speeding and passing an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road.

Judging by the charges it appears that Puente may have gotten a little testy with police. She was charged with assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and obstruction. 

Her bond to get out of jail was over $6,000, $5 grand alone for the A and B on the cop. 

Her bio is still on the station's website and judging by what the station did with Marler, we would not be surprised if Puente is promoted soon at the station. KJRH did finally Report the story almost 9 hours after Puente bonded out of jail. The station says that their Reporter, ".... had no comment other than to tell us she’s innocent."

Here is a copy of the arrest report: