Chicago Anchor to Pull Back Workload

Longtime WLS Anchor Linda Yu is pulling back a bit on her workload as she slowly wraps up a long and  TV news career.

She's not done yet, but Yu is scaling back to just one show starting on April 6th. 

Currently Yu anchors the 4PM newscast on WLS and the 7PM newscast on WICU, after April 6th, she will be off the 7PM show. 

Yu recently published her first book/memoir, entitled "Lessons I Learned in America." Written in Chinese, the book serves as a guide to help young Chinese woman in the global workplace. Yu is now writing a new book in Chinese featuring stories of prominent Asian woman entrepreneurs, political, and cultural icons in the United States. She is said to be nearing a distribution deal with a leading Chinese publisher for this still-untitled new book.

Yu started working in Chicago TV news in 1979 (let that sink in for a bit) at WMAQ, in 1984 she moved over to WLS where she has been ever since. 

After that long in TV news, you deserve a bit of a break. 

FTVLive featured Yu in our very popular How I Work segments

H/T Chicagoland Radio and Media