Bell Gets The Blade in The Burgh

FTVLive FIRST told you that longtime WTAE (Pittsburgh) Anchor Wendy Bell has parted way with the Hearst station.

The station has yet to make an announcement, but Bell's bio has been pulled from the station's website.

Sources tell FTVLive that News Director Justin Antoniotti announced to the staff that Bell was no longer with the station.  

Bell has been at the station for 18 years. Staffers inside the station tell FTVLive that management has protected Bell for years. But, this incident went way above the head of station management and right to Hearst headquarters. It appears that is where the call to dump Bell was made. 

While many called for Bell to be fired, she had a large number of supporters as well. There is no doubt that the storm for the station, could just be getting started.

Stay tuned....

Here is a link to FTVLive's original story on the incident