Clash of the Egos Round 2

Tonight Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump will square off at another debate. 

While many are hoping for fireworks between the two, it is more than likely that both Kelly and Trump will go easy on each other. 

Trump has been attacking Kelly since the first debate in August, when he thought Kelly asked unfair questions. While Trump has called Kelly a bimbo and inferred she was on her period in the first debate, Kelly has not really fired back.

There are those hoping that she will do so tonight, but it seems unlikely. 

Some say Kelly has been bothered by the attacks from the Republican Trump supporters. She was used to attacks from the left, but was not used to it coming from her own side.

Some believe Kelly will not really challenge Trump because she does not want to go through what she went through the last time. 

Which could mean that Trump may have won the war.

We will find out tonight when the battle of the big egos enters round 2.