Station Pulls Story on Anchor's DUI Arrest

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that WAOW Anchor Emily Jaceks was arrested early Sunday morning by Wausau Police on an OWI charge.

A breathalyzer test done by police showed that Jaceks blood/alcohol was at twice the legal limit. 

After her arrest, WAOW posted the story to their website.

But, now the station has pulled the story of their Anchor's arrest. If you go to the station's website and look under the "most shared" stories, you still see the headline about Jaceks' arrest. But, if you click on the link it takes you to a dead page. 

The station also mentioned on the story (before it was pulled) that Jaceks would address her arrest on last night's newscast. FTVLive could not find any story or video posted on the station's website, showing that.

So, while it appears that the station did the right thing, by reporting on their Anchor's arrest. It now appears they have pulled the story. 

Which may actually be worse than never reporting on the story at all. 

Just saying.....