Scripps offering $10,000 for Show Ideas

Do you have an idea for a new TV show that could be worth millions? Do you work for a Scripps station? 

If you answered yes to both of these questions, than Scripps might be willing to pay you $10 grand for your millions dollar show idea.

Scripps is running a competition in house, asking employees to give them their show ideas and the best one will win $10,000.

There are some rules, like you show idea has to be "family friendly".... which ruled out my "Killing the Kardashians" show that I was going to pitch.

Anyway, here's the memo sent to Scripps staffers:

If you have the next great TV show idea, you could win $10,000.

You have until April 15 to submit your show concept. All Scripps employees are eligible to participate. To learn more, go to WorkLife > Our Company > Great show idea challenge.

We want creative ideas, but we do have some guidelines to keep in mind:

The show concept should be:

Targeted toward adults 25 to 54
Daily (Monday through Friday) program
A show with a digital, multi-platform component
What we’re not looking for:

Scripted shows (drama, sitcoms, TV movies)
Children’s programming
Shows that air once a week