Pittsburgh Anchor Shamed Son with Soap

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you about WTAE (Pittsburgh) Anchor Wendy's Bell insensitive post that offended many, including her own station. 

Bell wrote a post about a mass shooting in a Pittsburgh suburb. The post was described as racist by a number of people and the station took the rare step of apologizing on air for their own Anchor's Facebook message.

But, this isn't the first time that Bell has been called out for a Facebook post. Back last August, Bell caught her 7 year old son swearing. Bell decided to go old school and wash her son't mouth out with soap. 

She then posted a picture of her son, soap in his mouth on Facebook. 

Many thought she crossed the line. Not, with the soap, but with public shaming her son on social media. 

The soap post is still on Bell's account, the racist post is not.

If saying a swear would gets you soap and a Facebook post, what does making racist comments get you?

So far nothing.

Stay tuned......