Austin Anchor Says He's Leaving

KVUE main Anchor Tyler Sieswerda says that he is leaving the station after the May book to join his boyfriend.

Sieswerda says he plans to relocate to Dallas, where his partner, CBS News correspondent Manuel Bojorquez, lives.

KVUE offered Sieswerda a contract extension in January, the anchor said, and he’s spent the past several months agonizing over whether he should renew.

“Manuel travels a lot for work,” Sieswerda said. “There are many weeks I don’t see him at all. Sometimes an entire month. It’s excruciating for me to give up Austin, but I think it’s going to be good for us to be in the same city.”

Sieswerda says he doesn’t have a new job lined up yet. He’s open to working in TV news again, but his search so far has primarily focused on public relations and consulting gigs.

Exiting KVUE will be hard, Sieswerda said, with the next two months expected to be full of many emotional moments.

“I’m not just leaving a job,” he said. “I’m leaving a family. That really hurts. We have this unique relationship.”

H/T Austin American Statesman