What is Wendy Bell's Future?


After WTAE Anchor Wendy Bell wrote, posted, edited, edited and then deleted her racist Facebook post, she said she was sorry and headed to Disney World with her family.

The biggest question being asked in Pittsburgh, is what happens next for Bell?

As Bell returns from the mouse house, what does WTAE do with their longtime Anchor?

Bell has been at WTAE for almost 20 years, she is one of those Anchors that is either loved or hated by viewers.

Bell has had to apologize for racial insensitivity in the past and many are wondering if the Facebook post was the last straw?

You would think the station would say enough is enough and dump Bell. But, we're talking TV News, where people have survived, when you were sure they would be fired.

Many thought Brian Williams would be done at NBC and although he was demoted, he's still on the NBC payroll. 

Philadelphia Anchor Larry Mendte was convicted of a felony after hacking his co-anchor's email. He was fired from the station, but landed another job at a NY station.

So, if Wendy Bell is fired, it would not surprise us. If she is not fired, it would also not surprise us.

Many inside WTAE think the station has been "protecting" Bell for years. But, can they do it this time as well? Would a simple suspension be enough to satisfy a large number of outraged viewers?

Bell has a lot of supporters. If the station fires her, they piss off those people. If they don't can her, you piss off the other side. 

Can Bell report on any issues in the black community and not be looked at with a raised eyebrow? 

Hearst owns WTAE and the suits have been in a number of meetings trying to decide what to do with the Anchor?

The station is really stuck and it has nothing to do with "doing the right thing." It has everything to do with which move will hurt the station's reputation and ratings the least. 

And let's be honest, ratings and ad dollars is what this is all about.

Stay tuned.....