Out the Door in Houston

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Meanwhile at KPRC, a more civil cake was served for Reporter Gianna Caserta, is is leaving the Houston station.

Caserta is leaving the Reporter ranks and headed to Louisville and WLKY as an anchor.

"Anchoring has always been the next goal in my career and I am excited to be moving to Louisville to make that dream a reality," Caserta told mikemcguff.com.

Not only did Caserta gain a lot of good experience at channel 2, but she also met her husband, KPRC photographer Carter Schumacher. He's landed a job in Louisville too, but across the street at WHAS.

"This is such a bittersweet move for me. I have really enjoyed the last three years at KPRC and had a blast telling some great stories that only Houston could produce," Caserta told me. "I have made some amazing friends and even met my husband here!"