Baton Rouge Reporter Arrested While Covering Story

No matter what city you live, usually it is not very hard to figure out how much the Mayor of the city/town makes? The salary is public record and is often disclosed.

Unless you are in White Castle, LA where the mayor doesn't think his salary should be disclosed. WRBZ Investigative Reporter Chris Nakamoto was in White Castle looking into questions about the mayor's salary.

He ended up in handcuffs and headed to jail. 

Nakamoto was looking into Mayor Jermarr Williams and a recent big raise that he was given, without it being approved. It appears that Mayor Williams did not like the Baton Rouge Reporter snooping around and Nakamoto was told to leave. 

The Reporter continued to question city leaders and that's when Nakamoto was arrested and charged with being in violation of statute 14:63, remaining after being forbidden. Huh?!

Here is the copy of Nakamoto summons: