Donald Trump, Ted Cruz get in Twitter Fight

It always funny when a couple of high schoolers get in a Twitter fight, because one said something bad about the other's girlfriend. 

It's not so funny when two people that want to be the leader of the free world get in a Twitter fight like a couple of spoiled kids.

But, that is exactly what happened, when a Super Pac put out an anti-Trump ad that used a naked photo of Trump's wife Melania.

Trump tweeted, then deleted and then re-tweeted a threat to Ted Cruz. Trump said he would spill the goods on Cruz's wife in retaliation for Cruz attacking his.

This is the first Trump tweet, that he deleted in less than 10 minutes.

This is the second tweet he posted later, it's basically the same with more "lying":

Problem was, Cruz had nothing to do with the ad, it came a from a super pac and not the Cruz campaign. But Cruz decided to exit off the high road and join Trump in the Twitter mud. 

This would all be kind of funny if these two were in 9th grade, but these are the two that want to be our President and that should scare the hell out of people. 

Just saying....