Trump Gives "Reporter" Job Interview During Presser

Donald Trump held another press conference yesterday (shocking I know) and this one got weirded than normal (whatever normal is these days).

A "Reporter" at the presser got up  praised Donald Trump's military policy (what policy?)  and inquired about veterans jobs at Trump Hotel?

The "Reporter" was named Alicia Watkins and she claimed to work for a web site called Troops Media. There is no website called Troops Media, but that isn't the weird part. 

Trump called Watkins on stage and started giving her a job interview to work in his hotel. 

"What are you looking for? What kind of a position? Come up here, you look so smart and good," Trump said. "Do you mind if I do a job interview right now?"

Trump then passed her along to one of his aides, and told the crowd: "If we can make a good deal on a salary she's probably going to have a job."

When the Trump campaign was told there is no such website called Troops Media, the campaign said it would look into the matter.

Yet, it was the campaign that gave this woman media credentials to cover the event. The Huffington Post's Dana Liebelson claims that the campaign turned down her for a credential.

So, in other words, a fake website that does not exist gets credentials and the Huffington Post does not.   

Welcome to the 2016 Presidential Election that is now nothing more than a joke.