Josh Elliott Sinks Further into Oblivion

At one point in his career, Josh Elliott was near the top of the game.

As an Anchor on then no. 1 morning  Good Morning America at ABC his star appeared to be on the rise. But, Elliott made the mistake that so many on air people make, he started to believe the press clippings and thought that he was much bigger than he was. 

NBC hired away from GMA, mainly just to hurt the show and help their Today Show. It was clear that NBC never really had a plan for Elliott and they played him like a pawn.

Elliott walked the hallways of 30 Rock with nothing to do and finally the two sides parted ways.

Now, the one time star that was seen by millions on GMA has landed a new job, this time with CBS. 

Yes, Josh Elliott batted around the cycle and in just a few years time, will have worked at all the main networks. 

But, don't look for Elliott all over CBS's air, he will mainly be working for network's Internet channel CBSN.

Yes, there are possibilities for Elliott on top CBS shows, but right now he will be seen mainly on CBS's streaming service. 

“I am deeply honored to be joining CBS News, and truly excited to be a part of the broadening horizon of CBSN, for which the possibilities are thankfully endless,” said Elliott. “Because it will always be about the stories we tell, the chance to do what I so enjoy doing at a place that values its journalism above all else is a gift for which I'm very grateful."

Plus I've worked everywhere else and this kind of my last choice, he should have added, but did not.