Former MSNBC Anchor Lashes out on Twitter

Bounced MSNBC Anchor Melissa Harris-Perry went all Donald Trump on Twitter yesterday. 

Harris-Perry went on a Twitter rant against MSNBC and is trying to make it certain she will never be hired by another network ever again. 

She lobbed attack after attack against her old network. She questioned the network’s commitment to diversity, saying the dearth of women and minorities on Sunday news shows was a “low bar.”

MSNBC wanted her to sign a non-disclosure agreement, she did not and then burned them on Twitter with it:

She went after the big bosses and said she was sorry for not speaking her mind sooner, admitting she gave into the "fear culture" at MSNBC:

MSNBC was able to demote Al Sharpton and keep him quit, but it looks like Melissa Harris-Perry is going to be anything but.

Stay tuned....