Where is the Rev. Al?

A black person is sucker punched at a Donald Trump rally.

Where is Al Sharpton?

Trump refuses to disavow endorsements from David Duke and the KKK.

Where is Al Sharpton? 

You would think protesting Donald Trump would be right in the Rev's wheelhouse, yet for some reason Sharpton as shut up.

There are many on social media that think there is a reason Sharpton is silent when it comes to Trump's racist antics.

He is secretly endorsing Trump.

Inquisitr writes that Sharpton also refuted claims about Donald Trump being a bigot. During an interview with Politico, Rev. Sharpton actually defended Trump when asked about the GOP frontrunner’s highly controversial comments Mexicans and immigrants. He even referred to him as the white version of Don King.

“I think what he has said has been biased and bigoted, but I don’t know if Donald Trump is really a bigoted guy.”

Al Sharpton also believes Trump will “energize” minority voters. Back in 2012, Sharpton also claimed Trump would probably appeal to minority voters if they could get past the controversial issues that he’s reportedly inherited as a result of his father’s beliefs.

So is Sharpton a Trump supporter?

We don't know, because he's not talking.

Whoever thought that would ever happen?