Will Thomas Health Update

We have all been worried sick about the health of former WTTG Anchor Will Thomas. 

As FTVLive has reported, Thomas missed the entire Feb book and 6 weeks total from work. Not because he was in a dispute with management about his diminishing role, but because he was sick.  

Will and his lawyer both say he was sick and it had nothing to do with a bruised ego. OK?

On Tuesday night, somehow Thomas was able to get out of bed and make his way into to WTTG to announce officially that he was leaving the station. 

Thomas took to the air and looked vibrant, tan and very healthy, only us know how very ill he was for the past 6 weeks.

Will has to be an inspiration to anyone fighting terrible health issues. He showed that despite a sickness that kept him out of work (and not a dispute with his bosses) he was able to put on a happy face and prop himself up on the anchor desk one more time. 

Let's go to the video and just thank God that he made someone as strong and powerful as Will Thomas.