Will Thomas Health Update - He's Alive!

If you're like me, you are barely able to sleep at night worried about the health of WTTG Anchor Will Thomas.

Well, we have some good news to report. Somehow, Thomas was able to raise himself out of bed to make one last appearance on Fox 5 in DC and let viewers know he was leaving the station. 

If we didn't know better, it would have looked like the final piece of a separation agreement between Thomas at the Fox O&O. But, we know that could not be the case because Thomas has been sick for over a month and not in any dispute with the station.   

In his goodbye, Thomas made no mention of his "illness" that has kept him of the air for the past 6+ weeks.

Thomas was able to muster enough strength to give a thumbs up in a photo he tweeted. Is this guy an inspiration or what?  

We did not see the video of Thomas' goodbye, but one viewer described it like this in an email to FTVLive, "It was full of bullshit, ego boosting and made no mention of any illness."

Now the last time we mentioned Will Thomas' ego, Thomas got his lawyer to send us a letter demanding that we take the story down. 

So, we want to point out the quote above is from a viewer and not from FTVLive. 

As for FTVLive, we are only concerned about Will's health and hope that he feels better. The fact that he had enough strength to go on the air last night and quit....well..... it just warms our heart.