It appears that MSNBC host Chris Matthews has been caught again, giving play to someone that contributed money to his wife Kathleen's congressional campaign. 

While MSNBC says that Matthews would never do something like that, records show that Matthews promoted the latest “Star Wars” film on his politically-oriented show after the movie’s director and his spouse contributed to his wife's campaign.

The NY Post writes that Matthews never disclosed the $2,000 in donations from J.J. Abrams and Katie McGrath.

The couple live in California – a world away from Kathleen Matthews’ campaign for an open congressional seat in Maryland.

Federal Election Records show that Abrams and McGrath each donated $1,000 on Oct 20, 2015.

Two months later, Matthews began plugging “Star Wars.”

On Dec. 21, he launched his opening monologue by saying, “I’m Chris Matthews in Washington, obviously, coming off what you might call or must call a Star Wars’ weekend.”

MSNBC seems to have no problem with Matthews apparent play for play ways and are continuing to let the host on the air.