Will Thomas Health Update

We want to give you another health update on former WTTG Anchor Will Thomas. 

Thomas was off the air at the DC owned station for over a month before he "resigned". FTVLive reported that Thomas was off the air because he was locked in a dispute with management about his role at the station. 

Thomas and his lawyer say the reason he was off the air was because he was sick. 

Yesterday, we reported that Thomas said he was "getting better" from his sickness. A viewer sent him a get well card on Twitter and Thomas announced that he has some very big news coming soon. 

Not sure what his announcement is, but here is hoping that Will takes it easy. All while he was "sick" he hired a lawyer to contact FTVLive,  "resigned" from the station an made a statement and now he has a big announcement coming soon. 

He has done all this while being sick enough not to go to work for over a month. 

Imagine what he will do when he gets his health back?

Get better Will, we are thinking of you. 

That concludes your Will Thomas health update, back to the news.