Reporter That Claimed Assault by Trump Campaign Quits

The Reporter that claimed that she was assaulted by Donald Trump's campaign manager has quit after her organization did not support her in the least.

Breitbart Reporter Michelle Fields has resigned from the conservative news site (that is in the tank for Trump) over its response to her alleged assault by Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Her colleague Ben Shapiro also resigned from Breitbart, saying the site should be "ashamed" of "their treatment" of Fields, whose allegations of assault came amid escalating violence in and around Trump campaign events.

The Trump campaign fought back hard against the allegations. Lewandowski called Fields "delusional" and an "attention seeker," while Trump accused the reporter of having "made up" the incident. Fields, meanwhile, filed a police report.

"Both Lewandowski and Trump maligned Michelle in the most repulsive fashion. Meanwhile, Breitbart News not only stood by and did nothing outside of tepidly asking for an apology, they then attempted to abandon Michelle by silencing staff from tweeting or talking about the issue," Shapiro said in a statement issued to Buzzfeed.

As for how Breitbart handled the story? Well.....

H/T NBC News