Bad Angle

Back on March 2nd, a viewer in Milwaukee sent us a picture of a WDJT live truck that they said was parked in a handicap spot at a local business. 

The viewer snapped the picture and called the station (only to get voicemail). 

After FTVLive posted the picture, WDJT GM Mark Strachota launched a full scale investigation that includes pictures and even a visit to the place where this happened. 

Strachota said that the viewer was wrong and that the truck was parked next to the handicap spot and not in it. "We have pictures taken from different angles in the parking lot that clearly show our van is not parked in a disabled space. I personally went out to the business in question and spoke with the General Manager.  He was working that night and remembers our news van being there. I asked him if our van was parked illegally and his response was “ definitely not”", Strachota says in an email to FTVLive. 

If you look at the photo above, the handicap sign (and it appears there is only one spot) is directly in the middle the live truck and the other car. It's hard to tell which spot is the one reserved for the handicap and which is general parking? 

But, according to the WDJT GM's investigation, it is the spot on the left and not the one on the right. 

FTVLive considered flying to Milwaukee and launching our own investigation into this huge story, but then we realized we have some laundry to do. So we will have to take Strachota's word for it and that the viewer was wrong. 

Strachota then writes, "let me know when we can expect a retraction to your story."

Well, this is that. 

FTVLive regrets the error and let's hope that WDJT can move on from the incident of the mistaken parking spot and continue to be Milwaukee's top rated station in news.