We Told You...

Many were surprised when CNN New Day Anchor Michaela Pereira announced that she was leaving the show and heading back to LA.

Pereira said that she put her life on hold while moving to New York and wanted to return to the left coast. 

This should have come as no surprise to longtime FTVLive readers.

Back, in October of 2013, FTVLive wrote this, "Sources tell FTVLive that New Day News Reader Michaela Pereira has contacted friends at her old station KTLA and said she would like to come back to LA. Word is that Pereira is not happy with life or work on the East Coast and would love to go back to her gig in local TV. Of course, she's locked in a contract and it's doubtful that Zucker is going to accommodate her wishes."

So, while many were surprised that Pereira is leaving New Day for LA, FTVLive readers knew that had been her wishes for years.

Yes folks, we are that good.