The Best Hair in TV News

Once again Super-Hair.Net is out with their top celebrity hair pics and a few TV news people have made the list.

When Super-Hair.Net sent us this story yesterday evening, it was embargoed until 9PM last night. We did not want to break the embargo on such a huge story, so we held it until this morning. 

Anyway, in the category of "Best Short Hair", NBC's Dylan Dreyer (pictured) walked away with the award (actually it was a tie with Erin Buchanan, but FTVLive gives Dylan the outright win).

"Best Long Hair" went to Samantha Ponder (Ponder also won "Best Blonde", ESPN. ESPN's Jaymee Sire also picked up an award from "Best Curls".

For the award of "Best Hair in Journalism" it went to Matt Lauer....ha kidding... it went to Betty Liu, Bloomberg TV.

You can check out all the award winners here.