Don't Talk About Dad

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It's seems that Allison William's people don't want you to talk to her about her Dad, MSNBC sometimes Anchor Brian Williams.

Page Six says that Williams team (someday I want to have a team) was uneasy when it came to the “Girls” star dishing about her father Brian Williams’ NBC controversy in Modern Luxury magazine’s cover story.

Allison told the mag that the incident, which last year cost Brian his anchor chair at “NBC Nightly News,” brought her already tightknit family even closer. But her publicity team nixed the response from the story.

“They didn’t want her talking about her father,” said a source. Williams’ answer was cut “because her people would prefer to keep [her father’s ‘misremembering’ drama] separate from her acting career. But it was a really sweet answer.”

Allison’s rep did not comment.