WHDH Is Suing NBC/Comcast

If NBC had hoped that Ed Ansin would go away after yanking the affiliation from WHDH, they can forget it. Sunbeam Television, Ansin's parent company of WHDH and WSVN, filed a lawsuit in federal court today looking to prevent the affiliation change.

NBC plans to create an O&O in Boston, using their Telemundo station WNEU. Sunbeam says that when Comcast bought NBC in 2011, there was concern about the impact of an accumulation of power in the TV industry and the impact it would have on viewers. They said particularly in Boston, where Comcast is the dominant cable provider, there's concern from everyone from consumers to government agencies, that they'd (Comcast) leverage their cable holders and degrade its broadcasting presence and their public service role.

As part of the FCC's approval of Comcast's acquisition of NBC, the Commission relied on Comcast's promise that its NBC affiliates would benefit from 'good faith' affiliate extensions that over the air access would be maintained and cable interests would not affect the negotiations.

The lawsuit is seeking an injunction requiring Comcast to comply with its affiliate obligations under their agreement with WHDH and the FCC order.

Stay tuned, this is just getting good.